Social Councelling

The general social counseling of the Solidarity Health Center e.V. takes place every Thursday from 2.30 p.m. to 4.30 p.m. in the rooms of Taubestrasse 2.

The volunteer team of general social counseling consists of social workers and students of social work. We work in an interdisciplinary manner, depending on the case, with colleagues from health counseling and psychosocial counseling.

We can also be reached by email for appointments and questions: Sozialberatung (at)

Please note generial hygiene rules. Bring a mask and do not come with symptoms of illness.

Description of the offer

The general social counseling is a contact point for people in unclear social problems or crises.

Based on the principles of solidarity, confidentiality and voluntariness, a holistic advisory service is created.

We work out the goals and processes together with the clients in order to offer activating and strengthening help for self-help. The focus is on stabilizing the living situation, strengthening the client's ability to act and resilience, and, if necessary, amicable referral to further institutions.

Possible topics in the consultation can be, for example:

  • Housing issues
  • Questions about eligiblity for state transfer payments, social security, entitlments, etc.
  • family and pregnancy-related problems
  • Problem situations in the context of substance addictions
  • Basic point of contact for general questions about suitable referrals