Medical counselling

Our hours are every second Thursday (even weeks) from 5pm to 7pm. You can come by at Taubestraße 2 or email us: gesundheitsberatung(at) If you need a translator please inform us beforehand.

Our health counseling  is open and accessible free of charge to all people of Leipzig. It is supposed to be a low-threshold access to health care, outside a doctor's visit. It provides room for health, medical-related questions and problems. If necessary we can give you tips for further counseling or health care. Our service can be used anonymously. We can arrange translators if you give us some notice.

At the moment we are offering interdisciplinary counseling with doctors and nurses. When we can safely meet, we will offer this service face-to-face in our facility. We also want to offer lectures and discussions on health issues.

Here is a list of possible reasons to come to our service:

  • Corona (how to act, symptoms, vaccination)
  • explanation of medical documents, letters, diagnostic findings
  • how does the health system work?
  • what happens if I have to go to the hospital/ have to have an operation?
  • counseling on prevention of diseases
  • how to change habits
  • how to deal with chronic illnesses like rheumatism, diabetes, epilepsy or heart disease (nutrition, behaviour changes, ect.)
  • drugs and addiction
  • explanations on drugs/medicine (how to use, how they work, adverse effects)

Our medical counselling service is not a replacement for going to a general practitioner or specialist care. We will not give individual second opinions, diagnostics or treatment. We can answer medical questions and give information on this topic and also help you to find the help you need.

If you have acute medical problems, please see your general practitioner or call the health insurance service hotline (116 117). In an emergency call the emergency medical services (112).