Psychosocial counselling

This offer is intended to provide quick and unbureaucratic help with questions concerning mental health. Many people are looking for psychotherapy, but waiting periods are long. It is difficult to bridge this period, or even to start searching for a place for psychotherapy at all. Often there are also uncertainties as to which type of treatment is suitable for your problem. Maybe you are also unsure whether you need psychological help at all, or you want to get information for relatives. Although there are many other offers and possibilities besides psychotherapy, it is difficult to get an overview of them all and to find something suitable. This is where we want to offer support. Read more

Health counselling

Are you looking for information on topics such as health, prevention or nutritional advice?

You would like to get advice on your disease or the disease of a relative?

You do not understand a medical report and would like an explanation?

Health counseling provides room for health, medical-related questions and problems. It is open and accessible free of charge to all people of Leipzig. It is supposed to be a low-threshold access to health care, outside a doctor's visit. Read more